bullet train

A driverless bullet train has been unveiled for the Beijing Olympics.

China is preparing for the Beijing Olympics, presenting a new bullet train designed specifically for the games. The driverless Fuxing ...
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plasma fusion

China’s ‘Artificial Sun’ Just Set a New Plasma Fusion World Record.

A report published in ScienceAlert documents that the Chinese Academy of Sciences has beaten a world record for plasma fusion ...
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sa fault

The San Andreas Fault: One of the most dangerous geographical failures in the World

Considered one of the most dangerous geographic failures in the world, the San Andreas Failure is located in the state ...
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3 of 6 Zoo Lions infected with COVID-19 in Louisiana

The COVID-19 disease has been diagnosed in half of the lions at the New Orleans Zoo, according to the Associated ...
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Blasphemous sketches of the Holy Prophet of Islam are the cause of heartache, not freedom of expression, Russian President

MOSCOW ( Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that freedom of expression and artistic freedom does not mean ...
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maulana hameed

Maulana Wahid ud Din Khan: Tribute to a Great Muslim Scholar

The prominent Muslim scholar Maulana Waheeduddin was born in 1925 in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan was a great ...
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