Mars may be more volcanically active than previously assumed, according to data from NASA’s Insight mission

A new research reveals over 50 previously unknown marsquakes, indicating that Mars has more going on under its crimson surface ...
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The biggest comet ever spotted from the outer solar system is 137 kilometres wide

Astronomers have calculated the size of a ‘mega comet’ originating in the Oort Cloud (biggest comet ever), a grouping of ...
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Radio Bursts

Scientists can now track mysterious fast radio bursts in real-time

A massive radio observatory dedicated to observing cosmic radio phenomena is located in the Okanagan Valley outside of Penticton, British ...
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bullet train

A driverless bullet train has been unveiled for the Beijing Olympics.

China is preparing for the Beijing Olympics, presenting a new bullet train designed specifically for the games. The driverless Fuxing ...
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supergiant star

Physicists have observed a red supergiant star exploding into a supernova for the first time

As our telescopes become more powerful, we're seeing many spectacular views of space, but there's a new candidate for the ...
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The unfolding of the James Webb space telescope is complete

Nasa engineers have completed the final unfolding of the James Webb space telescope's massive primary mirror. The largest and most ...
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Astronomers find celestial ruins on the edge of our galaxy.

A recent publication reported that an old celestial ruin has been discovered by astronomers. Long ago, the Milky Way's gravity ...
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plasma fusion

China’s ‘Artificial Sun’ Just Set a New Plasma Fusion World Record.

A report published in ScienceAlert documents that the Chinese Academy of Sciences has beaten a world record for plasma fusion ...
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sa fault

The San Andreas Fault: One of the most dangerous geographical failures in the World

Considered one of the most dangerous geographic failures in the world, the San Andreas Failure is located in the state ...
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James Webb

NASA’s Webb Telescope is Headed to Space on a Historic Mission

After two decades of development, the James Webb Space Telescope is finally headed for space. The launch was delayed a ...
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nasa heli

The third successful flight of a NASA helicopter on Mars

NASA’s miniature robot helicopter Ingenuity performed a successful takeoff and landing on Mars early on Monday, achieving the first powered, ...
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